Brachytherapy Applicators

Our wide array of applicators for gynecological brachytherapy are available for many applications, ranging from intracavitary to interstitial use and designed to deliver increasingly more conformal doses in gynecologic brachytherapy.

Elekta offers two advanced applicators for lung and other intraluminal brachytherapy applications. The LumenCare® Azure Applicator is specifically designed to improve the delivery of lung condition brachytherapy treatments, expanding the treatable area.

Elekta offers various applicators for brachytherapy for breast indications. The combination of the OncoSmart Catheter System and the Breast CT/MR Template Sets provides an excellent solution for APBI (Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation) treatment regimens, offering exceptional flexibility for both the treatment and the patient.

Elekta’s prostate HDR brachytherapy templates are an ideal match for our Real-time Prostate Solutions and also suitable for a CT or MR prostate workflow.

Dedicated rectum and bladder applicators enable conformal and advanced treatments in these areas. The Luneray® Applicator is specially designed to enable laparoscopic, minimally invasive bladder brachytherapy procedures.

Brachytherapy offers a non-invasive treatment option to complement or replace surgery. With our applicators, in just a few fractions, a high therapeutic dose can be delivered to the target, with a low dose to the surrounding area, providing a short and effective treatment.

Our range of ProGuide needles has been specially designed for interstitial brachytherapy. The needles are manufactured from a high-quality material that is flexible yet strong and fully CT-compatible and MR-safe. Depending on the clinical application, needles can be chosen of different materials and with various lengths, thicknesses and sharp or round points.

Elekta’s Flexible Implant Tubes are developed for treatments that require a moldable source path. Depending on the clinical application, various configurations can be chosen to match the insertion and imaging requirements of that application.

The Flexible Implant Tube can be tailored to the length that best fits the target area and patient anatomy, and can be fixed between treatment fractions using simple-to-use buttons on the patient skin, ensuring good implant integrity throughout the course of treatment.