Venezia™ Advanced <br>Gynecological Applicator

<br><br>A new option for treating advanced stage cervical indications

A new option for treating advanced stage cervical indications

Elekta's new Advanced Gynecological Applicator, Venezia, is a new applicator system that will enable clinicians to easily reach the cervix, parametrium and vaginal extensions in advanced stages of cervical disease. This area has been difficult to reach with current brachytherapy techniques. Venezia enables physicians to treat advanced cervical indications with interstitial brachytherapy in a pre-defined and reproducible way, ensuring optimal dose distribution for the majority of patients. Because of the one-click system, Venezia is easy to insert and assemble, eliminating the need for screws or tools.

The combination of Flexitron® treatment delivery and Oncentra Brachy® treatment planning with Venezia provides a truly integrated brachytherapy solution.

Advanced Gynecological Applicator Venezia™ is CE-approved and available for sales in the USA, but is not available in all markets.