Real-time Prostate Solutions

Dedicated, efficient HDR and LDR brachytherapy

Dedicated, efficient HDR and LDR brachytherapy

Whether the application is HDR or LDR brachytherapy, a highly conformal and uniform brachytherapy treatment plan for treating prostate indications is key. Elekta’s Real-time Prostate Solutions offers a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy for cases in which the treatment is provided in a single session. In this way, there is a minimized chance of patient movement and associated implant shift. The integration of all components in one prostate brachytherapy solution facilitates a seamless workflow.

Oncentra treatment planning guides every step of the workflow and ensures optimal dose distribution. With the powerful adaptive planning tools of Oncentra, you can not only determine the dose distribution in real time in the target area, but also in organs-at-risk such as the urethra, bladder and rectum.

Learn about our needle templates for prostate brachytherapy applications, for both HDR and LDR brachytherapy.

Why Real-time Prostate Solutions?