MOSAIQ® IQ Scripts

Workflow automation and customization tools

Workflow automation and customization tools

No two clinics are exactly alike, and that means the best information system is one you can customize. With MOSAIQ® IQ Scripts, a set of software tools lets you modify your Elekta oncology information system to match your clinic's specific needs. No programming required.

With IQ Scripts, you use logical building blocks to define patient pathways and clinical protocols for your particular environment. Simple tools let you control how MOSAIQ behaves, what data it collects, how it collects that data, and how work flows through your clinic and the software.

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Streamline workflows. Reduce the number of required steps and automate routine tasks
  • Increase efficiency. Match clinical workflows to your requirements, and define the data you need to collect for reporting and decision making
  • Improve user productivity. Change views and customize patient information displays to suit user needs and preferences
  • Personalize patient care. Match plans to specific diagnoses and customize clinical pathways
  • Support patient safety. Standardize protocols and quality checklists, or add user prompts and security warnings

With MOSAIQ IQ Scripts, you gain more control over your clinical processes—and the software that supports them. Your information system works the way you do.