Cancer registry data management

Cancer registry data management

Simplify the cancer registry process, from case finding and abstracting to outcomes analysis.

Registry programs can be complicated, especially when you're dealing with multiple sites, submissions and standards. The METRIQ data management system makes it all easier by coordinating the entire registry process, from data collection and follow-up through reporting and analysis.

With METRIQ, you can:

  • Easily integrate incoming records. Import data directly from the MOSAIQ Oncology Information System, hospital systems and external pathology systems. Standardize reporting and analysis across multiple facilities with a common data environment
  • Work more efficiently. One-click case finding and automated registry uploads save time and smooth workflows. Customize abstracts and data fields as needed
  • Improve data quality. Automated tools and quality checks safeguard consistency and reduce risk of errors. Ensure data records comply with regional, national and international reporting requirements
  • Gather richer datasets. Follow patients for life, collect long-term data about treatment outcomes—and use that data to make more informed decisions about future patients. Membership in our National Oncology Data Alliance (NODA) for benchmarking with other Elekta registries