Gynecological Brachytherapy Applicators

Our wide array of applicators for gynecological brachytherapy are available for many applications, ranging from intracavitary to interstitial use and designed to deliver increasingly more precise doses in gynecologic brachytherapy.


Tandem & ovoid applicators

  • Venezia Advanced Gynecological Applicator
  • Utrecht Interstitial CT/MR Applicator
  • Fletcher CT/MR Shielded Applicator
  • Fletcher CT/MR Applicator
  • Fletcher CT/MR Applicator XS
  • Fletcher Williamson Applicator

Ring applicators

  • Interstitial Ring CT/MR Applicator
  • Vienna Ring Applicator
  • Ring CT/MR Applicator

Vagina and Endometrium

  • Vaginal CT/MR Multi-Channel Applicator
  • Rotte applicator set