Electronic brachytherapy for treating skin indications

Electronic brachytherapy for treating skin indications

Esteya gives patients and the healthcare team an effective and non-invasive alternative to surgery for treating potentially dangerous skin indication: electronic brachytherapy.

Esteya provides a targeted yet gentle treatment for skin indications through the delivery of a precise high dose of radiation to the disease site, minimizing radiation to surrounding healthy tissue and reducing the chance of scarring. Because the treatment is short and gentle, patients can expect a rapid recovery period and may return to their normal routine quickly. 

Esteya is especially beneficial in treating cosmetically challenging areas such as the nose, lips, cheeks, temples and fingers, and for areas prone to wound closure problems, such as the shin and scalp. Esteya may also be the preferred option for patients for whom surgery presents a high 
intra-operative or post-operative risk of complications. 

Esteya provides an elegant approach for treating skin indications, featuring the right size and portability to be used anywhere in the clinic.

Why Esteya?

  • Patient safety by design
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Favorable treatment time